The 100 Hungarian Inventions and Developments 2020

The 100 Hungarian Inventions and Developments 2020publication has already been published. We are very pleased that our development has also been selected alongside many other great ones.

101 innovation
The 100 Hungarian Inventions and Developments 2020

The aim of the publication is to present Hungarian inventors and developments. The publication mainly includes solutions that can expect wide attention in the field of technology and business.

Some thoughts that are written about us:

"Anyone who runs a household or may have children knows that washing is like being in a constant cycle: the previous dose has not yet expired, we can do the next one. This may soon change thanks to a Hungarian invention called Leap, which is expected to begin production at the end of 2020. It is a fundamentally rethought, industrial-grade washing machine based in part on new washing principles, with a much more efficient mechanical and hydromechanical effect, allowing the washing time to be halved, significantly reducing the water and energy requirements of the machine."




The publisher's website can be found here.